Is lingerie for people in relationships or singles too?

As time goes by providing sexy lingerie to you all... from satin silk robes to hot negligees and sexy garter sets. ONE area that could be seen as quite grey is... (excluding boudoir shoots and modelling purposes).. should purchasing of lingerie be exclusive to intimate couples only? (leaving out lovely single folks) and should they be the only ones getting a taste of this sexy pie? WELL... we have had some deliberating and have come to our personal sweet conclusion... 

...that we should all feel sexy and be free to boost our confidence with lingerie, in any situation or time in our life, not only for our sexy couples. After all self love is important right? BUT we could be wrong and this topic is open for discussion, so please our sexy fans out there send us your opinion and lets get to the bottom of this... WHAT ARE YOUR THOUGHTS? (join in by visiting our BLOG below our Instagram page)

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