Who Wore It Best: Duchess Meghan and Queen Letizia Debut the Same Red Leather Pencil Skirt Less Than a Day Apart

WWIB Queen Letizia vs. Duchess Meghan Same Red Skirt

Great minds think alike! Queen Letizia Opens in New Windowand Meghan Markle Opens in New Windowwore the same exact skirt less than one day apart  — and we can’t decide who wore it better!

The buzzed-about closet must-have is the Hugo Boss Selrita Leather Pencil Skirt Opens in New Window, which retails for a cool $595 and is also available in beige, for all of you royal-lovers looking to cop the fashionable look.


TO READ MORE: https://www.usmagazine.com/stylish/news/queen-letizia-and-meghan-markle-twin-in-same-red-hugo-boss-skirt/



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